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Lydia Joy Nickerson

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Welcome to the Apocalypse

June 26th 2019, Barrel of a Gun Chasing Dreams

My name is Joy! And I've just moved to Colorado. I didn't know that when I came here that I would fall in love with Michael. My life is actually a sad story filled with PTSD, but Michael helps make it better.

When my life starts going well, I begin to there anything else out there?

Like there might be something coming and this is the last bit of calm before the storm.

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This first book of Barrel of a Gun was originally a novella I wrote for Summer Lov'N, a Romance Novella ebook. This is based on the real life story of how my husband Tony and I met. Names were of course changed to protect the innocent.

After writing the story, I noticed that I had made Joy and Michael's names perfect for their counterparts in Barrel of a Gun. So she made the cut. I've never seen an apocalyptic story start with a time of peace. It's just into the fight.

I want to change that. I want to show how heartbreaking this world changing on a normal human would feel. Everyone else is super powered, but Joy? She's nobody. She's just some girl with PTSD due to childhood trauma who gets thrown into this world. How would someone like that react? I want to see how her story develops.

Well, the world gets to see. Through the eyes of everyone who walks this crazy ride. I don't know where it's going to take me and you readers...but I hope you're ready for this! Everything is going to go downhill quickly!

June 25th 2019



Rose: Cosplayer Me Pictures done by Sarah Marie Spectrum.

See more of her pictures on her page!


These are commissions of artists that I made for my characters. It's mostly Rose, however I'm planning on commissioning more. They were done by ChobitsMNG, Drachea Rannak, OakleafNinja, and CatofMoon. So far. The one of Death (by CordialCrow) was commissioned by my fellow Author Noël and is put on here with permission from Noël.